Moron Student Breaks 19th Century Statue While Taking a Selfie

At a museum in Milan, a student climbed onto a statue dating back to the early 19th century in an attempt to take a selfie and caused the statue’s leg to fall off. Yes, selifes have now officially reached a terrible new low.
Not only did this genius break the first and pretty basic rule of a museum (don’t touch anything), they literally climbed all over a valued piece of art and damaged it. The discovery was made on Tuesday morning by the staff of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and it was apparently also recorded by security cameras. This kid deserves what ever punishment is coming. 
The statue depicts the “Drunken Satyr,” which is an ancient Greek sculpture showing a human-like figure with animal features drunkenly sleeping. Fortunately, the statue is a copy located in the academy’s hallway leading to a room full of more valuable works. But, still. 
What we’re all wondering is do we have a copy of this selfie somewhere? Please, moronic student, post this selfie so that the Internet can make fun of you endlessly. Let’s be honest, you deserve it. 

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