President Obama Makes Final Four Picks

Every year, President Barack Obama selects his Final Four for the NCAA Tournament. This season was no different as Obama selected Florida, Michigan State, Arizona and Louisville to advance to Dallas to play for the title. There should be some credit given to Obama for picking two No. 4 seeds but Michigan State and Louisville are teams that everyone is picking.
It would have been interesting if you would have picked different teams but it must be noted that he had Louisville playing for the title last season. He has a good idea of what he is doing but has only gotten one of his championship picks actually right five years ago. There will be many who think that Obama would be better-served worrying about other things but spending five minutes on a bracket won’t hurt.
Just like everyone else now, Obama waits to see if he gets his bracket right. And, of course, he’s likely going to be just as disappointed as everyone else in their own picks by the time this is all over.

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