The Latest Longest Car Jump Attempt Doesn't End Well [VIDEO]

Mankind’s never ending quest to give gravity the finger ended with a bit of a nasty spill. This time, a rally driver in France tried to break the record only to end up setting a new record for the most creative crash landing.
Driver Guerlain Chicherit attempted the jump yesterday at a resort in France in the hopes of breaking the current long jump record in a four wheeled vehicle set by drift racer and Top Gear USA host Tanner Foust with his impressive 322 feet jump back in 2011.  Everything appeared to be in order for the record breaking jump leading up to the crash. He headed down the ramp in a modified 2013 Mini Cooper Countryman that’s light enough to complete such a massive launch. He got a good, strong burn as he sped up to and left the first ramp but the car began to tilt mid-air just before it hit the landing ramp. That slight change of aerial position caused the front of the car to hit the ramp and create a spectacular series of rollovers. You can watch the failed attempt below in the embedded video.
Thankfully, Chicherit doesn’t appear to have suffered any major injuries as a result of such a accident. Paramedics took him to a local hospital for observation but he posted a couple of messages to his Twitter account assuring his fans that he wasn’t seriously injured. He’s still in the hospital and only seems to have suffered a few minor injuries as a result of the crash. We’re certain that he’ll try his record breaking jump again. Let’s just hope that’s all he breaks next time.

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