Bad Burglar Takes Bad Selfie With Stolen Cell Phone

A burglar in England found an enterprising new way to win the “World’s Dumbest Criminal” title. He proudly took a picture of himself with the smartphone he stole from his victim’s house.
The burglary happened in the town of Rotherham back in September when a then-unidentified man broke into a home and stole approximately $44,000 worth of items including a smartphone with a SIM tracking card. Police kept an eye on the SIM card in the hopes he would use the phone and give them a slim chance at a location so they could track him down and arrest him. He did something far better than that: He took a picture of himself with it, also known as a “selfie.” He even posted the picture on the social networking app WhatsApp where the victim saw the picture and contacted the authorities. Police identified the burglar as Ashley Keast and were able to arrest him the very next day. He recently received a jail sentence of two years and eight months. His accomplice, Anthony Hunter, was also arrested, charged and sentenced to 18 months in prison.
When we heard about the guy in Spain who died as a result of trying to take a selfie, we thought the “selfie” craze had reached a new low. Now we realize that selfies might actually be helpful to society. Just imagine the other brain-dead criminals out there who could help make their local police department’s job so much easier if they could just take a picture of themselves breaking the law. It’s like Minority Report but dumber.

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