Every Man Cave Needs A Bud Light Mini Hoops Game In It [GIVEAWAY]

It’s March Madness and you can’t get enough basketball in your life. Lucky for you we’re giving away one of these dope Bud Light Mini Hoops Challenge setups that we’ve got in our office. There’s a chance that you might have seen one of these out in your local bars (which makes it even better if you can snag one for your home), but essentially it’s a fun game that pits you against your buddies. Mano a mano. One-on-one.

The rules are simple: bounce as many basketball-styled pingpong balls as you can through a hoop within 35 seconds. That’s it. We’ll leave it up to you to decide what the winner gets (or what the loser has to do).

Alternatively, you can use the Mini Hoops Game to practice your beer pong shots. So many uses!

But let’s not count our free throws before you make them. You need to first make sure that you win one of these bad boys.

Here’s how to enter:

Follow @COED¬†and @Budlight on Twitter, then tweet us the phrase “I want to bring #MarchMadness into my house @COED @Budlight”

The deadline to get us these tweets is March 27th, at 4:00 PM EST. Then we’ll pick a winner at random.

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