Greg Kinnear Gives Great Earthquake Advice on Fallon [VIDEO]

Actor Greg Kinnear has some great advice for Jimmy Fallon when it comes to earthquakes: Don’t hide under your desk. Just let the lights fall on you and take one for the team.
After Los Angeles’ earthquake this past week, we had a lot of classic reactions from people. Kinnear was pretty chill about the whole thing and even joked that the earthquake hit right about when he wakes up his kids, so it served as an additional alarm.
Although there’s not traditionally ever earthquakes in New York City, Kinnear went on to explain to Jimmy that, “under no circumstance do you crawl underneath this desk. Camera 2 is not going to stop filming you. You do not want this embarrassing piece of footage to follow you for the rest of your life.” Of course, Kinnear is referring to the instantly classic footage of our favorite morning news team in LA.
Thanks for the advice, Greg. Good thing that the Tonight Show is now located in New York and won’t be heading back to Los Angeles anytime soon… we’re sure Jimmy appreciates the advice, though.
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