#Nattybombs Are Taking Over PCB's Spring Break [PHOTOS]

Panama City Beach is an absolute mad house right now for Spring Break–never before in my life had I seen a place as turned up as the PCB Holiday Inn was last weekend. It was like something was in the water… or maybe it was something in the beer because everywhere I looked there were dudes rocking Natty Light speedos.

Men ironically wearing speedos is the kind of thing that’s only acceptable on Spring Break. It’s almost encouraged there. How else could you explain the fact that there are a bunch of bros down in PCB just hopping on the Natty Light train, rocking blue Natty speedos, and getting their photos taken?¬†You could almost say that it comes “naturally.”

If you’re down to #ActNatural, head to the Walmart (which is the most live Walmart I’ve ever been to) where Natural Light has got a huge truck handing out shirts and speedos. Just look for the Nattasaurus and join the movement. If you’re not drinking Natural Light on Spring Break, you’re doing it wrong.


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