NFLPA President Eric Winston Says No To 18-Game NFL Season

There’s been a groundswell of people who want to see the NFL go to an 18-game regular season while reducing the preseason from four games to two games. Eric Winston–as the newly elected president of the Players Association–vowed to never let that happen on Wednesday, so that’s something that should make the idea officially dead in the water.
There has to be some sort of respect for Winston to come right out right away to see that this issue is off the table. He could have waited until it came up again but he was proactive instead of reactive about it. Winston is a free agent offensive tackle who is still looking for a new job next season with a NFL team. He should find one before the 2014 season begins and he will know that it will be a 16-game schedule forever as long as he has anything to do with it.
The season is too long anyway at 16 games. There is already talk of adding another playoff team in each conference. That would be enough games to play. Winston has made his stand and he has solid footing under him about it.

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