A New Smartphone App Delivers Booze To Your Drunken Doorstep

Are you tired of walking to your booze? Do you wish it could walk to you? A new smartphone app lets you order your favorite alcoholic beverages and has it delivered straight to your front door. [Image via @ericaswallow]
Drizly is the first virtual liquor store for your smartphone that lets customers purchase whatever alcoholic goodies they need or want–and Drizly will deliver it to where ever they are faster than you can draw a penis on a passed out friend’s face. Right now, it’s only available in certain parts of New York, but they’ve just announced that they’re expanding to Brooklyn. That’s the home of plenty of media types, so expect to see Drizly popping up in pop culture. That also makes it more likely that the service will eventually finds its drunken way to a smartphone near you.
The process is pretty simple. Customers download the app to their iPhone or Android device and create an account before they start virtually shopping for their favorite drinkable goodies. Once they hit the checkout button, pay for their booze and enter a tip for the delivery man, it shows up where ever they want it in just 20 to 40 minutes. Just imagine how much easier buying booze will be when you’re sober.
Frankly, we’re surprised someone didn’t think of this sooner. These days, we can have just about any kind of food we’re craving delivered to our house by a total stranger and most of the time, we don’t even have to actually get up and go to a phone to order it. Now there’s also a way to have our tasty alcohol delivered right to us. This is some kind of divine miracle. This is the answer to a dream we never knew we had. This is why technology was invented.

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