Jeanie Buss Makes Point That She Has Final Say With Los Angeles Lakers

There were some questions lately about who was the boss of the Los Angeles Lakers. Team President Jeanie Buss made it very clear on Thursday that she has the final say on any decisions made with the team. The discussion came up when Buss’ fiancé Phil Jackson took a management job with the New York Knicks and not with the Lakers.
Buss told a Los Angeles radio station that she is “the boss” and that the “final hammer” lies with her. There are going to be a lot of major decisions that need to be made with the organization in the coming months after one of the worst seasons in franchise history. She is going to need to show how much of a boss she is in trying to getting better talent onto the court next season.
She may have faith in what the other members of the organization are doing but there is no doubt that Buss is going to make every last move she can to get the team back to the top sooner than later. If anyone thought that the death of Dr. Jerry Buss would move someone other than Jeanie to the top, they were sorely mistaken.

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