NCAA Dancing Mercer Player: Didn't Score, Doesn't Matter, Won [GIF]

Here’s some literal March Madness, courtesy of Mercer senior guard Kevin Canevari–who didn’t actually score during his team’s big win over the Duke Blue Devils, but that doesn’t matter when you have some serious dance moves. In fact, we’re thinking that┬áKevin Canevari just became the biggest name in the NCAA. You can’t say that he didn’t work at it, either. We spent the actual Mercer/Duke game throwing Cheetos at the screen and complaining about the lazy players. We’re pretty exhausted after watching this GIF over and over, though.
Yeah, it’s pretty entrancing–but if you have the energy, you might want to follow up all this cavorting with our amazing celebration of Spring Celebration GIFs, which is pretty much just more March Madness. And come to think of it, we had the same reaction as Kevin when we saw the Mercer cheerleaders

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