North Dakota State Bison Lead NCAA Tournament Upsets

The 2014 NCAA Tournament began on Thursday with the normal flurry of upsets with No. 12 seeds winning two of the three games played between them and No. 5 seeds. The biggest upset of them all though would have to be the North Dakota State Bison and their win over the Oklahoma Sooners. The school had never won a NCAA Tournament game before and now they are now to the Round of 32 looking to make some more history for the school.
The Bison took an early lead and while they had to go to overtime to get the victory, they will get to play on trying to beat San Diego State next. North Dakota State could easily turn into this season’s Florida Gulf Coast if they can continue winning. It is a game that the Bison could end up winning as well considering that San Diego State had to go to overtime to win their second round game.
The entire basketball world will be watching on Saturday evening in Spokane to see if the Bison have enough to make it two straight upsets. Those brackets for $1 billion are likely on their way to getting broken if North Dakota State can move on to the Sweet 16.

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