Sage the Gemini: Attend The Album Release Party With PeepsOut & COED

COED and PeepsOut are celebrating Bay Area rapper Sage the Gemini with an East Coast record release party for Remember Me. Be one of the lucky folks who make it into our party at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in Manhattan’s Union Square (at 116 E 16th Street) on Tuesday, March 25. Buy a copy of the Remember Me CD at the door as your ticket to an open bar at a listening party that’s guaranteed to be wild and profound.
Remember Me, of course, is the Republic Records’ full-length that everyone’s been waiting for since last year’s Gas Pedal EP. That was the first taste that had “Red Nose,” “Swerve,” and the title track telling the the world that Sage the Gemini has an offbeat sound like nobody else on the scene. This 21-year-old innovator drops spooky science instead of tired beats, but skips any geekery in favor of hardcore grooves.
Sage the Gemini just won over a whole new audience at the SXSW Music Fest, and we can’t imagine a better soundtrack for an open bar at one of our favorite Manhattan watering holes. We’ll be celebrating Sage between 8 pm to 10 pm–but you’ll probably want to hang around a little longer, if just to hear “Red Nose” one more time…

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