Alyson Hannigan: Her Sexiest Pics As She Turns (Yow) 40 [PHOTOS]

We don’t know whether it’s harder to believe that Alyson Hannigan is turning 40 years old today–that being March 24, 2014–or that she’s turning 40 years old while remaining one of America’s most favorite unlikely sex symbols. We sure won’t argue with Alyson Hannigan as pin-up material, though. COED is proud to get gaga over plenty of quirky cuties, and we’re proud of our country for embracing the offbeat beauty of this ravishing redhead.
We’re guessing that true lovers of geeky gals first got off on Alyson as one of the gals in the American Pie movies, since her character of Michelle Flaherty (who famously had sexual relations with her flute) turned on plenty of guys to the fierce passions that can hide behind a nerdy girl. Of course, Alyson really shot to stardom as Willow Rosenberg on the popular ’90s series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where her witchy character bloomed once she entered college. It also helped that Willow discovered lesbianism. (And, of course, Alyson built a big following even as Buffy the Vampire Slayer¬†helped guys discover beauties like Michelle Trachtenberg, Charisma Carpenter, and Eliza Dushku.)
And, of course, Alyson recovered from some failed big-screen bids (like the crappy spoof Date Movie) to keep winning over fans in the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother–which is about to wrap up its run, but Alyson already has another prestigious show lined up because America loves her. And, as noted, we’re proud that America loves Alyson Hannigan because it proves our country can embrace unconventional beauties. To be fair, though, we’re thinking these 40 sexiest pics of Alyson Hannigan are mostly conventionally hot…

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