Oops: Jeremy Clarkson Tweets An Airplane Joke

The obnoxious host from Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, has never been known for his tact. Once again, Clarkson displays his lack of compassion by tweeting out an airplane joke within an hour of the announcement that the missing airplane was found.

The British journalist is sure to be in hot water after his ill-timed tweet today. It gets worse, though… When someone replied to the tweet because of his impeccable timing, ¬†Clarkson responded with, “Right. And you thought it had been flying around for the last 3 weeks.” Come on, Clarkson, either show a little restraint or delete your twitter account. There’s far too many a**holes already, we have no need for you out there.

For the record, we would absolutely love to see you and Piers Morgan in a boxing match. Although, we’d kind of prefer if both of you lost.

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