Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Mike Williams Reportedly Stabbed By His Brother

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams had a pretty rough Sunday. He was stabbed in the thigh inside his Tampa home, and was hospitalized briefly. Police are looking for Williams’ brother as a suspect in the stabbing. It is just another rough turn for the troubled player.
He signed a large contract last summer and since then, he has had charges against him for criminal mischief and trespassing along with this newest stabbing incident. Williams had a rough 2013 season with just 22 catches for 216 yards and two touchdowns. He is going to need a much better year in 2014 if he wants to be on the field as opposed to just sitting on the bench collecting money.
It sounds like Williams had just a minor laceration which is very good considering what could have happened. Hopefully he can put all this bad mojo behind him, get healthy, stay out of trouble and perform up to his contract with the Buccaneers this coming year.

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