Thanks A Lot, 2013: One Direction Officially Has The Top-Selling Album


A new data survey has found that One Direction officially had the best selling album of 2013.That is correct. The boy band’s Midnight Memories album sold over 4 million copies last year to earn the Best Selling Album title.
It also beat out Eminem‘s highly anticipated “Marshall Mathers LP 2,” which finished second in the sales game for the year by staying at the number one spot in 19 different countries following its initial release. The band born out of Britain’s X Factor will celebrate their accomplishment (and simultaneously honor Record Store Day) by releasing a vinyl version of their “Midnight Memories” album on April 19th.
We know that music is subjective and there may even be some college frat guys out there who secretly think that songs like “Best Song Ever” and “Story of My Life” are their personal jams when they’re running on the treadmill or working out their aggression on the punching bag. Hell, maybe they’re only buying their albums so they can subconsciously believe they are punching out the little twerps in order to get a better workout.
We just hope there isn’t some alien race listening in on our broadcasts and monitoring our media consumption habits as part of some big scheme because giving One Direction to the top sales spot on his any list of music could be a serious sign of weakness. Then again, it could also prevent an alien apocalypse from happening because it proves that we’re psychologically strong enough to survive in a world that also turns another boy band into a top selling group and physically strong enough to withstand the headaches that such music can produce.

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