20 Days Of Spring Break: Fort Myers, FL's Best Photos

OK, so we’re now two cities deep into The Top 10 of the 20 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations and I’m convinced that we’ve gotten the order right this year. My reasoning is simple: so far nowhere we’ve covered has come close to the amount of crazy we’ve seen in Panama City Beach (#2 on our list).

Maybe Key West is in the conversation because of our boy Red Lightning and the talent that’s just walking around on the beach–but we jumped ahead to see that. We still haven’t gotten to Key West on our schedule.

But now with Fort Myers, the crazy’s starting to come out. Now all of a sudden we’ve got booty shaking contests. We’ve got St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve got a #TBT from the 90’s where hair was big and bigger boobs were better. We’ve got a place where male firefighters dance on the beach (it’s true.). We’ve got the #9 Trashiest Spring Break Destination, Ft. Myers.

FYI, no one asked but the first photo is on my Top 10 list of favorite photos I’ve ever found ever. It just screams tough times and overcoming adversity.

[protected-iframe id=”3c987d447ea7357eb465478a494628ba-3508545-22621496″ info=”//instagram.com/p/l5womYAv-U/embed/” height=”696″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

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