Aly Michalka Is 25 Years Old; Check Out 37 Sexy Pics [PHOTOS]

Aly Michalka is turning 25 years old today–that being March 25, 2014–as one of the sexiest lesbians on television, and we didn’t think we’d be writing something like that back in 2004. That’s when Aly & A.J. Michalka were charming the world as teen sisters who made pop music and often showed up on the Disney Channel. Thing began to change when Alyson Michalka began to be billed as Aly, with the former cutie showing she was all grown up with an appearance in the 2010 high-school sex comedy Easy A.
That comedy went underseen, and Aly went on to The CW in the high-school cheerleader show Hellcats. This made guys very happy, and especially with Ashley Tisdale also in the cast. We can’t figure out why Hellcats still isn’t the highest-rated show on television right now. Instead, Hellcats was quickly canceled in 2011. Aly was still in demand, though, and last year was pretty amazing for her fans. She showed up on the big screen in a bikini for Grown Ups 2, which automatically made it okay for a guy to be caught going into a theater to see  Grown Ups 2. Aly then provided a happy surprise with her recurring role on Two and a Half Men as a love interest for new cast member Amber Tamblyn.
For the unfortunate few who don’t know, Amber joined the cast as the lost lesbian daughter of the deceased Charlie Harper, and her character of Jenny is as much of a womanizer as her departed dad. Aly’s character, however, has enchanted Jenny enough to consider settling down–which meant there was less hot lesbian coupling, but we sure got plenty of Aly to make up for that. The show’s still kind of shaky on Brooke and Jenny, but we’re hoping that gets settled. We’re also interested in Aly & A.J. reuniting for a planned sitcom from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions. But most of all, we’re very interested in Aly being all grown up, and these pics are some serious proof…
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