Base Jumpers From Top Of Freedom Tower Upload Go Pro Footage [VIDEO]


B.A.S.E. jumpers who took off from the top of the “Freedom Tower” aka WTC 1 on September 30 turned themselves in to authorities on Monday, but not before uploading the insane footage of their adventure to YouTube. The group of three daredevils claim that all the advertising revenue made from the video will be donated to charity.

Before we begin, let me just be clear: regardless of how you feel about their “stunt,” this video a must watch–no doubt about it.

The footage you see comes from the helmet camera of James Brady, who was an iron worker who helped to build the Freedom Tower. He jumped alongside Andrew Rossig and Marko Markovich.

You’ll see the B.A.S.E. jumpers leap from the 1,776 meter tower, parachute to the ground, then hurry to try and hide their gear before they get arrested. One thing you don’t see are how they escape from the scene but I’m sure that’ll come out in court.

There’s definitely been an increase in people climbing up to crazy heights but this one’s a little different. Because it’s not the Shanghai Tower, it’s the site where a lot of people were killed by terrorists. It’s the site where a lot of people jumped to their deaths without parachutes. I’m not saying that these three men are bad people, I’m just saying that I don’t believe they thought this the whole way through.

Am I grabbing my pitchfork too soon? I’m honestly unsure.

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