Funny Or Die: Aubrey Plaza's Ring Pop Ad Takes a Dark Turn [VIDEO]

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Our friends over at Funny or Die gave us some more comedic gold today with a cautionary Ring Pop ad. You remember Ring Pops, right? Well, they may seem like innocent fun but sometimes the good times can go bad. Luckily we’ve got some help from Parks and Rec‘s lovely Aubrey Plaza.

The fake video advertisement begins as an ultra-80s commercial for the edible accessory, starring Plaza. Once the cameras quit rolling, we get the rest of the story. The video quickly morphs into a dark education in the life-ruining powers of sugar addiction, with quick shots of Plaza’s boyfriend snorting lines and shooting up.  Beware of life in the sugared-up fast lane, kids. You may think it’s all fun and games but next thing you know you could be in a dark alleyway freebasing candy. You know, stuff like that.

Of course we here at COED have been longtime fans of the hilarious Aubrey Plaza–and we have  note that she’s always been pretty hot, too. In fact, let’s remedy Aubrey’s grim look at candy with some seriously sexy GIFs…

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