Shaquille O'Neal Accused Of Injuring Co-Worker

Shaquille O’Neal has always been seen as a fun-loving guy. Now it’s being reported that O’Neal may have done something over the line while working at Turner Sports. O’Neal is the subject of an investigation which entails a co-worker getting injured. O’Neal’s lawyer calls the incident “horseplay”.
The police report says that O’Neal hit his fellow employee with a punch to the back which knocks him down and that O’Neal fell on top of him then injuring his neck and back. Everyone knows that O’Neal is a very big man and likely it wouldn’t feel so good if O’Neal fell on top of you. The problem with the report is that it was alleged to have occurred on May 9 but wasn’t reported to police until July 2, nearly two months later.
It was likely two guys just playing around and things got out of hand and each person has a different way of looking at it. Will more come of this? It is always possible but that’s up to the courts to decide now. The subject has had to have surgery after the incident though but maybe there are some legs to this story.

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