The Briefcase Barbecue Is Finally Here


It’s a briefcase! It’s a barbecue! It’s a┬ánew portable barbecue that’s perfect for camping–or just a day trip at the beach, or whatever you need to do to avoid another day getting your soul shriveled at the office.
Mon Oncle, created by Mermelada Estudio in Spain, is designed to look like a vintage briefcase on the outside complete with leather straps and handles but it actually carries a portable metal barbecue that anyone can use to heat up freshly grilled meat, veggies or whatever they’re hankering to heat up over an open flame and consume.
The barbecue has a stainless steel grill over a fully contained heat source area with perforated holes on the outer walls to let in just enough oxygen to keep the coals hot without overheating it. The barbecue is also small enough that you can use it just about anywhere you want to cook outdoors without needing a huge fire to fully cook your food.

The makers recommend using a “coconut shell ecological charcoal” because they don’t produce actual flames or much smoke in order to produce a good source of heat. Its size also makes it easy to store, move and clean when you’ve had your fill of food cooked over an open flame.
Frankly, we don’t care about all the little esthetic or heat enhancement stuff. They had us as at “a briefcase that’s also a barbecue.” Just imagine the morale we could boost among our nation’s overworked and underpaid offices with such a marvel of cooking technology. Few things can make a man feel better about their lot in life than a freshly prepared rack of slow roasted ribs.

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