World's Biggest Hot Dog Is 125 Pounds

Avid food fan, Brett Enright, now holds the record for both world’s biggest hamburger and world’s biggest hot dog. Go ahead and insert your favorite d**k joke whenever.

The hot dog weighs a remarkable 125 pounds and…oh my God, this hot dog weighs 125 pounds! Enright, who owns a restaurant, spent three hours cooking the snack at the Miami-Dade County Fair in Florida last week. A 100 feet mobile grill had to be transported to the fair on a huge tractor trailer. Everything about this scene is just hilarious.

The hot dog’s final weight was recorded and sent off to Guinness record officials to be verified. Once it was, the hot dog was cut up and sold for $1.00 per portion. Not a bad deal for getting to be a part of history. Yes, the history was eating part of the world’s bigget hot dog, but history nonetheless.

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