"24: Live Another Day" Trailer: Jack Bauer Puts Putin On Alert [VIDEO]

The series 24 may have ended in 2010, but now Jack Bauer is officially back on our TV screens on May 5 with 24: Live Another Day–which brings our favorite bad-ass back into the world after four years of being off the grid. We’re definitely excited to see if 24: Live Another Day can keep the insanely fast-paced momentum from the original series. From the looks of the awesome trailer, it definitely can–and with all the action crammed into a quick 12 hours, too. This season was set and shot in London, and will be following the exploits of Bauer since he began a fugitive.

Looks like some familiar faces will be returning, as well as a few new ones–most notably Benjamin Bratt (known for Law & Order) and the supremely sexy Yvonne Strahovski (best known as a super hottie on Chuck and Dexter). So welcome back, Jack Bauer. Your presence was missed, but we feel safer now…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1JtkqrTsU0&w=600&h=350]

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