Alex Ovechkin Crashes With Washington Capitals Teammate

It may pay for NHL players to keep their head up while on the ice especially if it is one of the top players in the game. Tuesday night saw Washington Capitals star forward Alex Ovechkin get hammered near center ice by his own teammate Jack Hillen. While it appeared that Hillen was looking for a big hit on someone, he probably didn’t expect to see his teammate there and thought it was a member of the Los Angeles Kings instead who the team was playing.
Washington ended up losing the game and Hillen had to be helped off the ice. It is a painful reminder of what can happen in hockey with high-flying sticks, fast pucks and players who have their heads down looking for the puck. The Capitals are battling for a playoff spot and can’t afford to have Ovechkin off the ice for any period of time especially if he got hurt because of his own teammate.
Hillen and Ovechkin will likely be looking up a lot more in the future to avoid having something like this happening again. In fact, it is something that can’t happen again but will eventually will with some other player.

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