Jessica Pare Strips Down For ESQUIRE, Creates Mad Men [38 PHOTOS]

We’re really impressed with how Jessica Paré has managed to hang in there through the run of Mad Men–especially because we were convinced that she was getting set up for a Sharon Tate-styled death last season. Instead, the brunette has busted out as an enduring and endearing part of the Mad Men universe. That wasn’t easy, either, since she jumped in as Don Draper’s second wife, which involved filling the bra shoes of January Jones.
That’s all the more impressive in that we first met the character of Megan Calvet as just another secretary who seemed set to get seduced by Don Draper before quickly disappearing from the show. Instead, Jessica infused Megan with enough personality to become a bonafide Mrs. Draper. Megan also became an actress, of course, and also launched Mad Men to a new level with a slinky rendition of  “Zou Bisou Bisou” at a Draper birthday party.

But now we have Jessica Paré around long enough to help promote the final season of Mad Men with a very hot Esquire photo shoot–which is nice, since Esquire would’ve been one of Don Draper’s favorite magazines back at the end of the ’60s. Jessica is starring in the kind of photo shoot that’s kept Esquire around. Part of it is a variation on the old “Make me a sammich” line, which works because of Mad Men being set in a more primitive time. The other half looks like a tribute to Marilyn Monroe‘s lost footage in Something Has To Give, which works because Jessica’s a proper sex symbol.

Her interview is also a lot of fun, although the article is a little obsessive about the subject of Jessica’s teeth. We can’t argue with any obsession over Jessica, though. We’ve certainly built a hot gallery of the gal below–but we’ll note that Esquire also has a great video of Jessica. You might want to check that out before getting back to these pics that’ll drive any man mad…

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