Rapper Chief Keef Allegedly Shot A Guy Who Called It In To Radio Show

Notorious rapper Chief Keef just can’t stay out of trouble. Early Wednesday morning, the 18-year-old Keef was reportedly involved in a shooting at a home in Northfield, Illinois that left at least one person hospitalized

According to WGN, the shooting took place at a home that might be owned by the 18-year-old rapper’s manager. There’s a chance that Keef was renting the house.  It’s not looking too good for Keef, though, because someone called WGN early Wednesday and told the news station that “Chief Keef shot me.” The victim is currently in the ICU.

If the up-and-coming rapper is actually trying to keep a low profile, he should probably stop putting pictures of himself with guns on his Instagram. He’s basically just asking to be busted by the cops. We get the idea of maintaining street cred as a rapper, but this is just getting kind of ridiculous. The guy should just be concentrating on his art…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdL_e7CtNJA]

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