Say Hello To Two CNN Producers Who Tried Breaking Into The WTC [VIDEO]

Hot off of the story of the four men B.A.S.E. jumping off the roof the WTC (aka The Freedom Tower) and the 16-year-old kid who snuck into the tower to take selfies, we’ve now got news that two CNN producers were caught trying to break into the WTC on Tuesday afternoon.
[protected-iframe id=”0ac16f5fe7e8218bdd247e349396e282-3508545-22621496″ info=”″ width=”600″ height=”338″]
According to CNN themselves, the two producers were in the area to do a story on the recent WTC security breaches–but the station claims that the two men were never instructed to climb over a fence and force their way through a locked gate.
Probably the dumbest part about all of this isn’t that they were chased away by security numerous times before their eventual arrest, or even that two grown men couldn’t do what a 16-year-old had successfully done. No, the dumbest part was that these two idiots couldn’t even wait until nighttime to try and break in. THEY WERE ARRESTED AT 2 PM!
I can understand about the whole thing about how crimes in daylight might seem more sneaky because no one’s expecting them, but the problem here is that the police were almost definitely expecting them. Why wouldn’t security be more tight after that video was yesterday’s biggest story?

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