Aurelia Scheppers on "Parenthood" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Aurelia Scheppers on Parenthood

(10:00 PM EST, NBC)

So let’s say that your See Her Tonight column was putting together a comedy skit about Victoria’s Secret Angels, and needed a really smart improv comedienne who was also sexy enough to play a parody of Adriana Lima. Who could we possibly call? Well, we’d follow Funny Or Die’s lead and go with Aurelia Scheppers–who’s also guesting on Parenthood tonight, which is a show we don’t usually follow, but tonight has Aurelia Scheppers, so okay.
Aurelia has been brightening up the small screen for a while, but you can probably still guess that we first discovered her in 2010’s Dinocroc vs. Supergator. She had a small role in that Syfy production, but Aurelia was still very memorable in lingerie that nearly showed off her areolas. And that’s the one time that we’ll use that clever wordplay here, okay? We promise.
Anyway, Aurelia hasn’t been hard to find ever since then. We’ve enjoyed her as an intergalactic burlesque queen in the bizarre film Galaxy West, and thrilled to her first proper nude scene in the surprisingly ambitious thriller The Snow Queen. We’ve also caught her in  plenty of music videos. Sadly, Aurelia is still a West Coast gal, so we’ve never seen her doing improv in the UCB Theater in NYC–but if she’s funny enough for Funny or Die, then she’s good enough for us. Now check out some very good pics that’ll get you catching up with Parenthood tonight…

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