Chicago White Sox To Offer 3 Pound Sundae

Everyone loves ballpark food and the large portions that come with that. The Chicago White Sox this season are going to take the banana split to a whole new level however. The team announced that they will sell a 12-scoop banana split sundae that will be served in a full-size batting helmet. The sundae will weigh three pounds and cost $17.
The team also announced that they will sell bacon on a stick and a chicken and waffles sandwich that is the size of a small child. The Sox are hoping that the sundae is something that is taken on as a family but there will be some fan that eats the whole thing themselves and is proud of it. However, there will be others who think that all this excess will be a bit much.
Hopefully this just gives fans another reason to come out to the ballpark just to see the sundae and try whatever else they want to eat while enjoying a day in the sunshine watching baseball. The White Sox are certainly hoping that happens. Maybe they can get President Obama to come out and see his favorite team in the process.

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