Comedian Perfectly Describes Drunk Girls [VIDEO]

We love wild drunk girls just as much as everybody else, but there is no denying that women can become the most annoying people around. And especially while drunk.
They tend to lose their filters, phones, purses and–well just about everything. Comedian Chris D’Elia gets the “drunk girl slur” down to a science throughout this amazing standup. Our favorite observation that he makes is that absolutely nothing matters to a drunk girl. “She could be standing next to a crocodile and she’d just be like, “Oh, is it your crocodile.” D’Elia has obviously had to deal with a lot of annoying drunken girls. His other great observation is about how dudes always want to end the night by getting fast food. This is very, very true.
Enjoy D’Elia’s standup, and be prepared for this weekend when you inevitably have to deal with everything he describes throughout it…

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