Manhattan Coach Steve Masiello Lied About Graduating College

Manhattan men’s basketball coach Steve Masiello has a major problem on his hands. He had agreed in principle to become the new coach at South Florida–but Masiello put on his resume that he had graduated from Kentucky. That didn’t happen, and now the job offer is off the table and Masiello’s job status at Manhattan is even up in the air. He has been put on leave by Manhattan.
Manhattan has said before that a bachelor’s degree is required to coach the team. South Florida wants a Master’s degree with six years of experience or a bachelor’s with eight years of experience. Obviously, Masiello never got his diploma there at Kentucky and while the Manhattan and Louisville websites, where Masiello worked as an assistant before, say that he is a 2000 graduate with a degree of communications, something happened along the way.
The deal at South Florida would have netted Masiello over $1 million a season. This is a bad situation and a lesson for many who try to lie on their resume. Masiello could be looking for a new career sooner than later with this news.

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