Valerie Wyndham (That's So Cal Val) Knocks Out A Birthday [PICS]

The world of wrestling is full of classic beauties and offbeat babes–but there aren’t many pin-up girls like SoCal Val. She was born unto the world this day (that being March 27th) in glamorous Beverly Hills with a more mundane name. Now she’s Valerie Wyndham, aka SoCal Val, and packing plenty of glamour into the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling scene.
We’ve gotten excited over other TNA babes like Karen Jarrett and Taryn Terrell, and SoCal Val (did we mention that’s Valerie Wyndham?) really helped put the wrestling empire on the map with her amazing presence. It’s no surprise that Val was actually discovered as a fan cheering on a wrestling match. She brought a fan’s enthusiasm to her debut appearance at an indie wrestling event, where she hammed it up as a devious manager.
Valerie was still underage when she began to develop that unscrupulous character of SoCal Val. It took a few  years before SoCal Val became downright sexy, but Val grew up (and out) to start out her career with both the WWE and the TNA folks. She also joined up and got into the ring with Women’s Extreme Wrestling for a while.
SoCal Val finally made an official commitment to TNA Wrestling in 2006, and she’s been a fan favorite ever since. Val even got an offer from Playboy, and we’re a little disappointed that she turned it down–but we also like how the ravishing redhead has worked a retro look that’s maybe kept her (relatively) modest. She’s only 28 years old today, so SoCal Val still has plenty of years left to come through for her fans with that kind of thing. (Fans can also follow Val on Twitter.) For now, let’s enjoy some plentiful sexy pics that’ll put a SoCal Slap on your heart…

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