World's Greatest Dad Turns His Son Into an "Action Movie Kid" [VIDEO]

A father with a precocious kid (and access to high-end special effects software) turned what could have been some boring home movies into something truly epic.
The “Action Movie Kid” channel on YouTube features short videos of what appears to be a boy and his dad doing some modern father-son bonding over things like LEGOs and Star Wars toys. Rather than clog up your Facebook account with videos from another parent who thinks their son or daughter “just did the funniest, cutest, most awesomest thing you’ll ever see a kid do,” he cleans them up in post–and adds some really cool and realistic looking special effects that actually make them interesting and even funny.
This kid doesn’t just pretend that there’s lava on the floor when he’s jumping from the couch to to the ottoman. There’s actually lava on the floor! He doesn’t just swing around a pretend lightsaber. He swings around a real one and causes some serious damage in the process! It’s like watching a live action Calvin and Hobbes without the philosophical ramblings of a stuffed tiger getting in the way of the action.
It’s videos like these that make us wish we had grown up in the dawning of a new digital age when anyone with a computer and a lot of time on their hands could make even the most dull home movies look like epic, action adventure videos with more special effects than a Michael Bay movie. If this boy’s father is looking to adopt another kid, I would happily put my name on the list (Sorry, Mom and Dad).

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