BaneCat Ain't Nothing to F#*$ With [VIDEO]

So here’s a video (from the YouTube channel Rob Rants) about a pet owner having to deal with a cat with some kind of megalomania and a breathing disorder that forces him to wear a mask and talk like Bane. As we learned from the South Park episode “Insecurity,” anyone who wears the Bane mask instantly becomes an evil badass with a terrorist complex who also suffers from the world’s worst deviated septum. It also doesn’t help that he’s a cat for starters, an animal that science has proven to be nature’s narcissistic a-hole.
This might be a bit of an overstatement to some, but we actually think it’s funnier than the South Park episode we previously mentioned. BaneCat is more calculating, more ruthless and more gleeful when it comes to creating mischief for its owner. That’s what makes Bane so scary as a villain. It’s impossible to read anything from his facial expressions behind that mask and even if you could, chances are that you don’t really want to see how happy he looks when he’s committing such atrocities in order to fulfill his own twisted sense of justice. That fact just makes it funnier because a cat’s inherent douchiness means they also have no facial expression–except for their constant, blank stare that screams “What are you going to do for me today that proves your worthiness to me?”

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