Man posts six twigs he found on the floor on eBay, Bidding Starts

There’s been a lot of weird stuff auctioned off on eBay–but this dude putting up six twigs that he found on the floor might take the cake.
Our new favorite eBay seller Babak Ganjei–who goes by the name Whackychop–decided that selling six twigs on the famous auctioning site was the way to go.┬áSince the site’s inception in 1995, there’s been everything from Britney Spears “hair” to boxed DVD sets. It’s safe to say that you can pretty much find anything on the site. Described as “Twigs from De Beauvoir Square,” he also goes on to say “I have a set of six travel-size twigs, each with a unique personality.”
Babak clearly takes these twigs super seriously and we’re pretty happy for him because the twigs that had a starting price of .99 have now gotten a bid of 9.50. Part of us believes that Babak asked his mom to do the bidding but perhaps there’s some avid twig collectors out there who are willing to drop some serious coin.

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