Roddy White Honors Twitter Bet

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White learned a valuable lesson. What you say on Twitter could come back to haunt you. For example, White said before the NCAA Tournament’s first round that Duke would win the national championship. Fan Dylan Hoyt tweeted White back saying that Mercer would beat Duke in the first round. White’s response was to tell Hoyt he would give him season tickets on the 50-yard line if that happens.
Well, it happened–and White tried to back out of it. Then the pressure mounted, so Hoyt will receive his season tickets and two tickets to next year’s Super Bowl in Arizona.
Hoyt will also get pregame sideline passes to one game and will be White’s guest at training camp. He’ll get to sit in the VIP section and have the chance to talk to the Falcons players after practice. It is a hefty price to pay for White for tweeting out his picks and responding to Hoyt’s Mercer comment. He didn’t have to respond to Hoyt but did with the ticket offer and had to honor it as much as he didn’t want to.
Hopefully White can put up a big season now for Hoyt to see in person. That’s the least he can to smooth this over in the public eye after a public relations nightmare for him.

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