Tiffany Toth: Her 40 Sexiest Photos (Lately) [PICS]

Yeah, we had Tiffany Toth as a Miss COED way back in 2010. That was back when Tiffany’s was a 24-year-old model and makeup artist who had already been Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week in November of 2005. Then she moved on up to Cyber Girl of the Month for March 2006. Tiffany Toth sure seemed more like a Playmate of the Year to us, and we sure weren’t surprised when she finally made it into Playboy print as Miss September of 2011. Which is a banner that the native California gal still flies proudly as she turns 28 years old today.
We’ll admit to being a little more surprised that Tiffany’s turned out to be one of the hippest Playboy pin-ups out there. Accuse of being shallow and sexist, but we sometimes look at a perfect blonde like Tiffany Toth and think that she’s probably more fun to look at than engage in conversation. Tiffany really does deserve her place in the Playboy empire, though. She’s worked hard to actually be part of the Playboy culture. More importantly, she has a real understanding of what that means. Tiffany might be the best brand ambassador that Playboy has had in ages, and we keep hoping that she’ll end up in the executive branch there some day.
For now, though, Tiffany is staying very busy as a model. We’re always happy for any excuse to update our pics of Tiffany, but we won’t pretend that she doesn’t make it easy. Tiffany loves to keep working for the camera, and she’s looking set for a few more decades of looking amazing. You can keep up with that via her official website and Twitter. You can also see her earlier work here, but first check out what Tiffany’s been up to in her final few months of being 27….

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