You'll Want To Look For Anne Bergstedt Jordanova In "Noah" [PHOTOS]

Noah was always one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014–and we would’ve anticipated it even more if we’d know that Anne Bergstedt Jordanova was showing up in the cast. Sadly, she’s also hidden away in the cast. You’ll likely miss her in a very thankless role that doesn’t even get her any billing. Which is insane, because we’d gladly pay money to see Anne Bergstedt Jordanova anywhere near a multiplex.
We still should’ve known that Anne would show up in Noah. The production filmed in upstate New York, and this striking Swede is a real favorite of East Coast filmmakers. Anne had to kind of sneak onto the screen, though. She’s from a showbiz family that lives all over the world, but Anne still had to get her start as a stand-in for Sienna Miller and Charlize Theron. (She stood in for Sienna in Factory Girl and Interview, while doubling for Charlize in Young Adult and In The Valley of Elah.)
At least Anne finally got her into a hit film on her own as an extra in 2005’s Hostel. She showed up in other foreign productions, and finally made it into our living rooms as a Perfect 10 model in a 2008 episode of Entourage. Things began to really happen for Anne when she came to New York City, where she made it into Black Swan (also by Noah director Darren Aronofsky) and an episode of 30 Rock.
Anne was still working as an extra in movies like Russell Brand’s Arthur remake, though. It seems like she’ll take that kind of role for Noah, too–but we’re proud to say that she’s in a position to be discovered, courtesy of some work on Boardwalk Empire as a particularly attractive prostitute. We also caught her playing a hooker in the barely-released Blood Ties last week, which also had Mila Kunis in the cast. Anyway, we’re still feeling pretty good about Anne’s career–and these pics will get you seeing why we wish that we could make it rain on the blonde beauty…

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