Arnold Schwarzenegger Bombs At Box Office: "Get To The Terminatah!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sabotage opened to his lowest numbers in three decades–which means things aren’t looking too good for the former Governor of California. In fact, it’s definitely safe to say that the Terminator star’s leading man days are long, long gone, like 30 years gone. Finding a studio willing to fund another 100 million dollar movie starring Schwarzenegger is about to be a thing of the past.

Sabotage‘s opening weekend was a total of 5.3 million dollars, which is absolutely godawful for a movie of this magnitude. The Last Stand opened with 6.3 Million and Escape Plan had a (whopping) 9.9 million. Sadly this is all just a confirmation that Schwarzenegger’s biggest fans have clearly moved on from spending money at the box office.

On the brighter side, Terminator: Genesis will be dropping July 2015. There’s a really good chance that movie will open to box office gold. Also, Expendables 3 comes out this summer, and those are always amazing. So perhaps the moral of it all is that Schwarzenegger should only act in movies with tons of other action stars or just keep pumping out Terminator flicks. And maybe comedy, although we’re not sure about this upcoming Twins 2 with Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy.¬†Well, there’s always¬†QVC

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