Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Hold Tryouts, We Supervise [PHOTOS]

Do you know why we aren’t allowed to judge this year’s tryouts for the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders? No, it doesn’t have anything to with a restraining order. At least this time. It’s because we’d create the NFL’s largest cheerleading squad–and you’ll likely do the same after you check out these plentiful pics of hot gals auditioning for the honor. We should note that this isn’t just an endorsement of the fine ladies of Denver, though. The Broncos had a great season last year, and potential cheerleaders from all over America flew in to compete for the chance to be part of this stellar team.
In the process, these ladies have put on some stellar displays. You can find some fine video of them at the official Broncos site, and follow the gals via Facebook. But let’s not be in a hurry to ignore these pics of potential Broncos cheerleaders. We’re honestly baffled at how the powers-that-be are supposed to be able to narrow down this field of candidates. We sure couldn’t narrow down this gallery of ladies who can cheer us on any day–if, you know, they’re into cheering us on as we get ever closer to getting through the 12th level of Candy Crush…

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