Glen "Big Baby" Davis Gets Sent To Locker Room

Glen Davis has the nickname “Big Baby” for many reasons. One of this weekend’s biggest sports highlights included Davis proving that–right after Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers sent Davis to the locker room in the second quarter for disciplinary issues and he never returned. Davis was very upset about the benching and yelled at Rivers. Which, as noted, eventually got Big Baby sent to the locker room.
Rivers said after the game that he thought Davis was being a “distraction” and while he may have been, there was likely no reason to send him to the locker room for the rest of the game. He is a vital member of the team and players get upset over things that happen. It is something where you send him to the locker room to finish the half to calm down and bring him back in the second half.
The Clippers are going to need Davis at some point in the postseason and when things like this happen, relationships are shaken. It may have been the right move at the time to send Davis to the locker room but he should have been back in the second half to help the Clippers out.

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