The "A Haunted House 2" Red Band Trailer is Also a Facebook Timeline [VIDEO]

The guys who made the movie trailer for A Haunted House 2–the latest screwball comedy starring Marlon Wayans–came up with a clever way to compile the scenes for the new horror spoof.
Remember when your Facebook wall was inundated with videos recapping your friends’ timelines and their best and worst moments of the year that a computer database chose for them? The newest red band trailer (that means it’s NSFW unless you work for a business that produces red band videos) for A Haunted House 2 features Wayans and company recapping their horrific year in a haunted house. It’s a surprisingly clever way to get the word out about a movie. Just imagine what it would be like if Spider-Man, Optimus Prime or The Avengers made their own timeline video for their trailers. I imagine that Tony Stark’s video just by comparison would all make us feel really bad about our life’s goals and ambitions.
Say what you will about how the movie looks or the scads of bad reviews that spoof movies like these are bound to get (and oh yes, there will be blood). At least the trailer presents the movie in a clever way besides just throwing a bunch of joke spoiling scenes together and surrounding it with a song from the movie’s soundtrack. I guess this is what you have to do when the great trailer voice guys like Hal Douglas and Don LaFontaine are no longer among us.

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