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Adrianne Palicki on About A Boy

(9:00 PM EST, NBC)

Your humble See Her Tonight column would like to endorse the 2002 movie About A Boy as a surprisingly touching comedy about a happily isolated guy who’s forced to deal with a little kid. We haven’t bothered with the television show, though, and we don’t even know how it’s doing in the ratings–but we’re going to tune in tonight over guest star Adrianne Palicki, who hasn’t been about our living rooms in a long time.
Some of us are still coping with the disappointment that we didn’t get to see Adrianne Palicki in a regular Wonder Woman series back in 2011. She starred in a pilot that must’ve been really terrible for a network to decide we wouldn’t tune in to Adrianne in spandex every week. That wasn’t too great for Adrianne’s career, either. Plenty of guys discovered Adrianne in a recurring role on Supernatural, and then she moved on to Friday Night Lights–which was created by the producer of About A Boy, so that helps to explain how Adrianne has ended up on a seven-episode arc as a love interest.
Gal Gadot, of course, has gone on to become the next big-screen Wonder Woman. Adrianne went on to that lousy Red Dawn remake, but also hit the multiplexes in G.I. Joe: Retaliation–and is set for the next Joe film, too. And we’re set to be sitting in front of our television tonight. It’s always a good idea to warm up for a gal like Adrianne, though, so check out these amazing pics…
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