LA Angels Coach Breaks Leg Catching Ceremonial MLB First Pitch [VIDEO]

Los Angeles Angels hitting coach Don Baylor didn’t think that squatting to catch a ceremonial first pitch would cause a major injury. Unfortunately for Baylor, he suffered a broken right leg (live on ESPN!) while squatting to catch Vladimir Guerrero’s pitch before Monday’s home opener. He will have surgery on Tuesday to repair the leg injury.
It’s pretty much a freak accident to suffer a broken femur by simply kneeling down to catch a ball. At first glance, this video might suggest that Baylor is messing around with Guerrero–but then it becomes clear that something isn’t right when Baylor can’t stand up. Baylor has been through a lot in his life with cancer, and this is just something else that he will fight through and conquer.
The Angels lost 10-3 to the Seattle Mariners on Monday night, but everyone in the organization is thinking more about what happened to Baylor probably at this point than one single game to begin the season. It proves that a freak injury can happen at any time.Which is freaky.

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