Texas Rangers Fans Celebrate Opening Day With Garbage

The Texas Rangers put up a statue before the 2012 season with a depiction of fan Shannon Stone, who fell to his death in 2011 at the ballpark. On yesterday’s Opening Day, fans in Texas believed that the statue was a good place to leave their empty beer cans and caps. A picture circulated on social media during the game showing piles of cans and caps sitting by the statue. The team sent out a statement later Monday apologizing and regretting the trash that was on it.
This should bring out a call on both sides. First off, fans should be taking care of their own garbage in one way or another. It could be a trash can or leaving it in their own vehicle before walking up to the game. The team could also put more garbage cans out near the gates, so fans can throw things away that aren’t allowed in the ballpark and don’t look particularly nice on what’s essentially a memorial. Something like this can’t happen again–and it sounds like the team is going to make sure that it doesn’t.

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