This KITT Car Auction Better Not Be Some Sick April Fools' Day Joke

Since today is April Fools‘ Day, we’re a little jumpy here at the COED offices. We’re constantly looking behind our backs to make sure no one is approaching us with malice of forethought as they hide a “Kick Me” sign or a can of fart spray behind their evil, evil backs. So forgive us if we’re just a little bit paranoid that this story about David Hasselhoff selling his KITT car just might be too good to be true.

The Beverly Hills auction house Julien’s is holding a special “Hollywood Legends” of memorabilia from famous people of stage, screen and song and it includes a whole crop of items from Baywatch and Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff. The most notable item from his collection includes a replace of KITT, the talking car that every child of the 80s wish they could have when they learned how to drive. According to Wired, the car came from a fan who built the entire street legal vehicle out of a mint condition Pontiac Firebird just so they could give it to him. It also appears to be about as accurate as you can get on the inside as it comes with a handlebar style steering wheel, all sorts of working lights and gizmos on the dashboard and even the console where KITT talks. We’re sure, however, that voice actor William Daniels isn’t part of the standard model.

Everything looks to be legitimate here–but considering the date on the calendar, there’s still a .00001 percent chance that this could just be a hilarious set up for someone to jump in front of our fat faces and yell “April Fools!” If that’s the case, we just want them to know that our fist is prepared to issue a rebuttal to their face.

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