Gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva Turns 24 As A Gold-Medal Babe [37 PHOTOS]

You might know rhythmic gymnast Evgenia Kanayeva better as “Apple-style-span”>Yevgeniya Kanayeva” if you’re Russian–and if you’re Russian and Evgenia Kanayeva, then you’re welcome to invade our territories anytime. Which we sure hope isn’t a tasteless joke. All we’re really trying to do here is bring us all together in the spirit of the Olympics, which Evgenia Kanayeva has invaded twice as the gold-medal winner in the all-around gymnastics competition.
Evgenia didn’t just win the gold at the 2008 Summer Olympics, either. She won the gold while ending up with an amazing 3.75 points ahead of her nearest competition. She didn’t manage that at the 2012 Summer Olympics, though. Evgenia had to settle for being the oldest gymnast to ever win the Olympic gold. Yeah, she’s real old. In fact, Evgenia is turning 24 years old today–that being April 2, 2014.
Evgenia has really had to struggle to become the best rhythmic gymnast in the world, too. Russia is pretty unforgiving towards their aging heroes. The powers-that-be changed the point system on her, and Evgenia had to change her lifelong performing style to earn the points necessary to go to Sochi last year. That’s pretty impressive. Guys like us are happy to settle for just one Olympic gold medal.
And, of course, Evgenia had to overcome developing one impressive bod. She’s got a real rack on her for a gymnast (if you’ll pardon the technical jargon). That’s another reason that Evgenia Kanayeva has a huge following outside of her Motherland. And speaking of motherhood–Evgenia got married to a Russian hockey player last year, and is marking her 24th birthday as a MILF. Yeah. She just had a kid last month. The boy’s named Vladimir, which was probably a smart move. So maybe these are hot pics of the amazing Evgenia of the past, who still leaves behind a fine form…

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