"Lucy" Trailer: Scarlett Johansson Is A Sci-Fi (Living) Bomb [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVt32qoyhi0&w=600&h=350]

We’ll go ahead and admit that anything with Scarlett Johansson is sure to very quickly grab our attention. Then you add Luc Besson–the awesome director of The Professional and The Fifth Element–and now you’ve got our f**king undivided attention.

This flick about  a girl who gets a bomb put into her stomach to transport, and then somehow ends up accessing more than 10 percent of her brain, and it looks really, really cool. As in cool as the first Matrix film was cool. That’s saying a lot. We wouldn’t except anything less from Besson, who truly never disappoints. The film comes out August 8. 

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